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School history

If you have any information about the schools history, we would love to hear from you. 

We have some wonderful volunteers who are matching names to faces in our old photos. If you have any old photos or know someone who may be able to help us tag names to faces please feel free to pop down or let us know. 

These volunteers meet in the school library on Thursday mornings and can be contacted via the school email which is: (Put "Attention Mrs Gilroy" in the subject line)

Our School's History 

Campbelltown Public School is one of the oldest schools in Campbelltown. It was built in 1875 and opened on January 12 1876. It was built of brick and had a corrugated iron roof. There were 90 children attending the school when it opened. The teacher’s residence was attached to the school and the Principal and his family lived at the school.

The windows of the school were high and small so that the children could not see outside. People in those days thought that if children could not see outside while they were in class they would learn more. In those days also a there were fire places in the school so that in winter a fire could be lit to keep the children warm. Usually the year six boys collected and chopped the wood and put it on the fire. That’s why there are several chimneys in the photo. 


This building was demolished in 1965.  In 1988 there were some buildings that were constructed of timber. These buildings are still next to the school, but they are not used by the school. 

Today the school has several buildings. These buildings are constructed of brick with tiled roofs. Campbelltown public school is located in Lithgow Street Campbelltown.

This site was the site of the original Campbelltown gaol. It was used as a goal from 1826. The gaol was later transferred to the site where the Court House now stands.